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Principal Investigator

Moon Ki Kim

Office: 23326

Office Phone: +82-31-299-4840

Fax: +82-31-290-5889



-2004. May. Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University

-2002. May. M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University

-1999. Feb. M.S.E. in Mechanical Design & Production Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

-1997. Feb. B.S.E. in Mechanical Design & Production Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

[Employment and Research Experiences]


  Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

  School of Mechanical Engineering


  Adjunct Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

  Department of Global Biomedical Engineering



  Visiting Professor, Northwestern University, USA

  Adjunct Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

  Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences and Technology (SAIHST)


  Adjunct Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

  SKKU Advanced Institute of Nano Technology (SAINT)


  Associate Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

  School of Mechanical Engineering


  Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

  School of Mechanical Engineering


  Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

  Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


  Optional Practical Training at Edvotek. Inc.

  Working for the development of the commercial PCR machines 



  Graduate Research Assistant, The Johns Hopkins University
  Developed an elastic network model for harmonic/anharmonic analysis of    Macromolecules


  Teaching Assistance for Computational Mechanics of Biological



  Summer Team Visiting at NASA Ames Research Center
  Researched on the dynamics of membrane proteins GpA and Chaperonin


  Curricular Practical Training at Edvotek, Inc.
  Designed and built a thermo-cycle device (PCR machine)


  Teaching Assistance for Computational Methods of Engineering



  Teaching Assistance for Mechanical Vibrations


  Predoctoral Visiting Fellow Program (LECB, CCR, NCI, NIH)
  Developed coarse-grained elastic network model for the efficient

  computation of molecular dynamics


  Research Internship, LG-OTIS Elevator company, Korea
  Developed hydraulic elevator systems for Incheon international airport


  Assistant Researcher, The Institute of Advanced Machinery and

  Design, Seoul National University, Korea
  Developed a hydraulic simulation program package called ‘IDEA.FP’


  Graduate Research Assistant, Seoul National University, Korea
  Implemented a knuckle crane system and a Stewart platform stabilizer


· Elastic Network Models of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, Dissertation for Ph.D., 2004

· Dynamics Analysis Considering the Effect of Leg Inertia and Design of Adaptive Controller for a Stewart Platform, Thesis for M.S.E., 1999.

· Virtual Factory Realization Using VRML Language, Thesis for Bachelor Degree, 1997.

[Research Interests]

· Theoretical, Computational, and Structural Biology (Protein Folding and Drug Design)

· Computational Mechanics: Multi-scale, Multi-physics Simulation

· Power Plant Structural Integrity

· Materials Strength & Lifetime Prediction

[Teaching Experiences]

· Computer Aided Engineering (SKKU): Spring 2019 - present

· Structural Elasticity (SKKU): Fall 2015 - present
· Introduction to Bioengineering (SKKU): Fall 2013 - present
· Solid Mechanics Design Laboratory (SKKU): Spring 2013 - present
· Advanced Theory in Elasticity (SKKU): Fall 2011
· Statics (SKKU): Spring 2011
· Advanced Nano Mechanics II (SKKU): Fall 2009 - 10
· Advanced Nano Mechanics I (SKKU) : Spring 2009 - 11
· Nano Computational Simulation (SKKU): Fall 2008
· Creative Engineering Design (SKKU): Fall 2008 - 09
· Engineering Mathematics II (SKKU): Fall 2008 -09
· Engineering Mathematics I (SKKU): Spring 2008
· Solid Mechanics (SKKU): Spring 2008 - present
· Robot and Protein Kinematics (UMASS): Fall 2007
· Introduction to Biomechanics (UMASS): Fall 2006
· Mechanical Design of Biological Systems (UMASS): Fall 2005
· Introduction to Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Design (UMASS): Spring 2005
· Strength of Materials (UMASS): Fall 2004 - 07

[Awards and Honors]


  KSME CAE Division Young Investigator Award


  KSCM Young Investigator Award


  Engineering Faculty Award-Excellence in Teaching


  APACM Young Investigator Award


  Engineering Faculty Award-Excellence in Teaching


  Who’s Who in the World, 2007


  Predoctoral Research Fellowship, NASA Ames Research Center


  Predoctoral Research Fellowship, NIH National Cancer Institute


  Graduate Research Fellowship, The Johns Hopkins University


  Research Fellowship, Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, Korea


  Outstanding Thesis Award, Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, Korea


  Graduate Research Fellowship, Seoul National University, Korea


  Summa Cum Laude, Seoul National University, Korea


  Scholarship from Ilju Scholarship and Culture Foundation, Korea


  Scholarship from Seoul National University, Korea


· Member: Presidential Advisory Council on Science & Technology, 2017
· Secretary: Asia Pacific Association for Computational Mechanics, 2013 -2016
· Secretary: World Congress on Computational Mechanics 2016, 2014 - 2016

· Associate Editor: Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 2009 - 2018

· Editorial board: Multiscale Science and Engineering, 2019 - present

· Editorial board: Current Proteomics, 2007 - present

· Editorial board: JSM Enzymology and Protein Science, 2014 - present
· Editorial board: Computational Bioengineering:Applications and Software, 2013 - 2018
· Editorial board: American Journal of Mechanics and Applications, 2013 - 2018
· Editorial board: International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, 2005 - 2008

· Reviewer: International Journal of Robotics and Automation, Robotica, Proteins: Structure, Function,       and Bioinformatics, Biophysical Journal, Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling,   and ASME         Journal of Mechanical Design,etc

· Executive Member: Division of CAE and Applied Mechanics, KSME, 2010 - present

· Executive Member: Korea Multi-Scale Mechanics Society, 2018 - present
· Executive Member: Korean Society for Computational Mechanics, 2010 - 2017

[Society Membership]

· American Society of Mechanical Engineers
· Biophysical Society
· Protein Society
· IEEE Engineering In Medicine and Biology Society
· International Association on Computational Mechanics
· Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers
· Korean Society for Molecular and Celluar Biology
· Korean Society for Computational Mechanics

· Korean Multi-Scale Mechanics Society

[Advising 10 PhD & 9 MS since 2007]

· Byunghoo Lee (PhD, 2019)

· Fahim Ibupoto (PhD, 2019)

· Moon-ki Choi (MS, 2018)
· Soojin Jo (PhD, 2018)
· Hoomin Lee (PhD, 2018)
· Tae Kyung Jang (PhD, 2018)
· Jonghoon Lee (PhD, 2016)
· Taeksang Lee (MS, 2016)
· Sangjae Seo (PhD, 2015)
· Minhyeok Kim (PhD, 2015)
· Jangkyun Lim (MS, 2015)
· Jonggu Lee (MS, 2013)
· Dockjin Lee (PhD, 2012)
· Sung Choi (MS, 2012)
· Sangjae Seo (MS, 2012)
· Pengfei Qian (MS, 2011)
· Sharad Raj (MS, 2009)
· Yunho Jang (PhD, 2008)
· Andy McCarren (MS, 2008)

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